Reliability is an important part of cost containment, and cost containment related services.

We pride ourselves on our reliability.

What good would we be if our work isn't done in a timely manner?

We are always on time.

We keep things simple and hassle free for you. How could you not afford us?

Efficient is our middle name.

Endless paperwork, time spent meeting with providers and patients, following up on injuries and illnesses - a day in the life of most field claims management professional is long indeed.

That's why Glenn-Mar's cost containment services are an invaluable addition to every claims management professional.

Glenn-Mar gives claims management professionals the resources they need to coordinate patient care efficiently and cost-effectively.

Ensuring positive outcomes is our mission. Glenn-Mar has the services and the people to meet customer needs, regardless of size and location. We are big enough to be where you need us, yet small enough to care.

Easy. Efficient. Timely. Professional. Everything you look for in evaluative services is here. You can count on it.

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